Hannah Markham

Interior Designer, NCIDQ

About Me

Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm an interior designer by trade, or as I like to tease, an "aesthetic social worker."

Hotel & restaurant design is both my day job and my passion, but this platform affords me the opportunity to discover, learn, and share with you the intricacies of designing a home.

My design approach is inspired by the human experience - seeking to sculpt space in a way that evokes human connection that people innately crave and has carried me through many inspiring spaces over the years, the most exciting of which will certainly be our first home.

A home tells the story of you. It's a curation, a complex art piece that touches parts of your history and is the setting for some of your hardest and greatest moments. A home is the largest canvas we have to illustrate aesthetic. It should be a space that comforts, restores, and inspires you. I understand better than anyone that 'overwhelmed' feeling that can come with a new project. Start with just one room, or even one corner. Let me help you get there.