Some days inspiration is fleeting, often mistaken for the oversaturation of social media content. I have to ask myself what comparison or ‘influencers’ am I letting govern a life and aesthetic that should be authentically mine?

In thinking about finding inspiration for our future home, I find myself trying to mute those voices and fall back on the pages of spaces, artists, photographers or natural elements that inspire me most. REAL pages. Binding your fingers can trace over, that could one day rest on the coffee table in the very space they inspired.

This curation of titles is not just a “most popular” list of interior design books. Each has purpose and is authentic to me. My hope is that it inspires you to curate a collection of your own!

The Life & Love of Trees

This was the first coffee table book I ever bought. My mom and I saw it at an antique shop nearly 11 years ago. Nature is a primary source of inspiration for me and the photography of these trees is truly mesmerizing.

The Collected Home

Darryl Carter is a Washington, DC based designer. The sophisticated way in which he curates and creates vignettes is something we can all learn from. Fun fact: one of the homes featured in this book belongs to a good family friend, and they generously invited me to live with them my first summer in DC after college. It’s a sweet memory to be reminded of that time in life through the imagery.

Gathering: Setting the Natural Table

Hosting is hands down one of our favorite things. Kyle and I are both passionate about it and I love the idea of creating table settings or experiences unique to the occasion and personal to those in which you’re hosting.

Evocative Style

Kelly Wearstler is an icon. She is a reminder to be brave and to experiment, that interior design should be bold and yes, evocative.

John Derain Picture Book

John Derian requires no introduction. He’s a renowned decoupage artisan that inspires us all to trust and follow our own curiosities.

Interiors / Atelier AM

This book sat on my wish list for quite some time. This is an LA based interior design studio that enhances muted interiors with a mix of beautifully curated antiques and modernist objects. Something I hope to achieve within the walls of our own home.

Painting Beyond Pollock

Painting beyond Pollock is a modern art museum experience on your coffee table. Since we moved away from DC and I no longer have the National Gallery of Art or the Renwick in my backyard, this is the next best thing.

Poetry of Place

If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Bobby McAlpine is quite the celebrity at Auburn (War Eagle!). McAlpine’s work consistently puts forth a certain soul. The title is entirely accurate – the interiors are poetic.

Curated Interiors

Nicole Hollis is a new discovery for me. She designs for both the residential and hospitality industry and her work is very high contrast, elegant and artistic without feeling overdone – a balance I’m always hoping to achieve.


Steven Gambrel’s design aesthetic is confident in color, form, and contrast. His originality and sophistication are endlessly inspiring. I find myself referencing these pages often.

Tim Walker Pictures

Tim is incredibly playful. These pages display his stunning photography AND delve into his creative process. Such a treat!

The Authentics

I am dying to get my hands on this one. It’s described as “a lush dive into the private worlds and gorgeous homes of creative trailblazers in art, design, and fashion around the world.” I mean, SAY NO MORE.

This is one of my favorite accessories. I keep our wedding book open and on display (Artifact Uprising), but it can be used for any book that’s currently inspiring you. We flip the pages based on which family or friends are visiting. Touches like that when hosting make all the difference!

Acrylic Book Easel

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