Today I’m here to bring you some moody eye candy – AKA the small but mighty powder room of our dreams. 


I won’t say that this powder room was in dire straits, but frankly it wasn’t bringing any personality to the party, and people – that is what powder rooms are for! They are the hidden gems, the ‘discovery’ moment when guests come into your home, and your chance to go a little bolder than you might want to in other more public spaces – can we collectively agree to let our hair down and be brave in our half baths?!

The biggest challenges of this space?

SUPER HIGH CEILINGS: This is a tiny space and these ceilings are double volume. As proportions go – the scale is certainly off, but we are always here for leaning into a high ceiling moment. We knew we had to do something dramatic with wall treatments and the vanity mirror to draw your eye up these skinny walls.

FLOORING THAT DIDNT RUN UNDER THE VANITY: I knew we wanted something modern and minimalist, aka “floating vanity”. But dang-it-all if that flooring didn’t run under the vanity. Proposing a small platform / shelf built into the floor space was the perfect solution to maintaining minimalism.

*DESIGN TIP* If you’re working in a small space, ask to see remnants at the stone yard – you can save on material cost and reduce waste! Snaps for sustainability.

Progress photo . Stone yard visit

So here she is, in all her moody beauty. 

Faucet Brizo by Delta
Mirror Made Goods
Sconce Mitzi by Hudson Valley
Vintage Shelf . Philip Jeffries Wallcovering

Have the loveliest weekend!

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