I’ve wanted a sculpture stand for about a year now. Silently stalking Facebook Marketplace and antique markets. I’ve seen more than I can count pictured in the homes of designers, but for me, the love affair began in Athena Calderone’s living room

Athena Calderone’s Living Room

Now, Athena’s are clearly vintage, likely found alongside a picking trip with one of her besties Nate Berkus/Jeremiah Brent. This is where I started and hopes were high that I could stumble upon something similar since all I’ve done in quarantine besides holding up at home is wander antique markets in my double mask with a vat of hand sanitizer.

And THEN I saw this DIY sculpture stand done by a designer’s father-in-law for the Lake Forest Showhouse in Chicago this summer. It had the impact of Athena’s vintage without the price tag.

Kelly Hurliman Design for the Lake Forest Showhouse 2020

But alas, I am not handy and when I started to calculate the cost of a saw and material it started to not feel worth it. Especially since at the time we were living in a 750 SF Apartment in DC quarantine. I am hard enough to tolerate without a power saw. 

It’s when we decided to move to NC that I found THE ONE.

Facebook Marketplace

With a little TLC (paint) this would be PERFECT. It even tapered. I asked the seller to hold it for me and offered to pay extra. Then he sold it out from under me. It remains “the one that got away.”

I promise the saga is soon over, because as always, my girl Aimee Mazzenga pulls through with the inspo. The city slicker by CB2 – of course – I’ve looked at it for forever but never felt it was ‘special’ enough / vintage enough. Truly it’s all in how you style it, and she did it beautifully with the McClean Easel Light from Circa. It was her photo that convinced me.

Photo by Aimee Mazzenga

Thankfully I talked about these stands enough to annoy Kyle into purchasing me one for valentines day. Really timing has never been more symbolic considering my undying love. So here for her grand debut: meet, our sculpture stand! Now to determine which way we should style it…

Processed with VSCO with al5 preset
Processed with VSCO with al5 preset

Happy <3 day, friends,

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